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Some messages and photos we've received from our puppy families.

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Testimonials: Testimonials

Our puppy Trudy has her own Instagram Page! Check it out and follow her to keep up to date with her adventures! @Gertrude.the.dood


Kerri - New York, NY

Hey Chris! We just wanted to let you know how much we love Jasper ( we have named him Louie)! He is an awesome little dog! Such a great disposition and so smart. We are enjoying him so much... Everywhere we go everyone falls in love with him. He has such a great demeanor and is so precious.


Jennifer - Germantown, TN

My husband Tom and I adopted Dakota from you in October so I just wanted to send a quick update! We kept his name Dakota and he is such a sweet and loving boy! He enjoys cuddling right up against us, playing fetch, and chasing blowing leaves outside. He is very smart, and very quickly accomplished house training, as well as sit, stay, down, settle, paw, and leave it. He has grown to be a little over 40 pounds.
Thank you so much for giving us such a sweet part of our family!


Brianna - Millersville, PA

She is doing great! We love her so much. Although we adored the name Chloe we renamed her.  After much thought and voting we fell in love with the name and meaning; Annabelle. 🐶💝 She is 10#, crate trained, fixed, chipped, taking puppy classes, and soon to have her first spa day at the groomer! Still having a few potty issues but Yep, She is spoiled! It’s been fun getting to know her. Loves chasing bubbles, leaves, and bugs. She really sticks to me like glue tho. Sometimes frustrating to the kids. Not a barker either! (unless she’s fighting her reflection in the windows 😂)


Amy - Avon, IN

Neko is happy as can be and doing great... House training and basic commands are great! Constantly gnawing/chewing (which we expected)... and loves to swim!


Vanessa - Bristol, VA

She is absolutely adorable, funny and loving.  We just love her to pieces.  My hubby said & son agrees that you can't pick her up & not kiss her.  You just have to hug & kiss her and she loves it.  I'm so glad I found your ad.  It sure was an answer to prayers.  Thank you.


Christiana - Tega Cay, SC

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